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They say life is high school. You never lead high school. And they are right. There are cool kids, dorks, jocks, all of it. And you can find stuff on everything here. The celebrities, sports heros, the old money kids (royalty). Dorky stuff, too. Anime and manga news, even Jane Austen news. And then there's us. The girl at the back of the classroom. We observe. We note. We share in a blog.

Unless it it absolutely horrendous (or brilliant), I'm not going to feature celebrities from photoshoots or movies. They don't have a say in what they wear then, usually. And when the photos are from Paparazzi getting them? They're on their time off then. I believe in giving them privacy. To some extent (some bikinies shouldn't be worn; I don't care what body shape you have). But on the red carpet? They are fricking going down.

Am I biased? What the hell? Of course I am. Not only do I like some celebrities more than others, and I see no reason not to say so.

Am I in a position where I know about fashion? Nope. Not really. I just have eyes and common sense and a mouth that keeps opening to let sound spill out.



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